It is differcult to decide which PADI course director to go to for your PADI Instructor Development training. There are so many options out there...

We know what values, quality and services will help you succeed as a PADI Dive Instructor. We want you to choose wisely to make the best of your investment. To help you make a decision, let's look at what we have to offer for your PADI Instructor Development training.

We have limited our class size of each IDC to a maximum of 6 instructor candidates.  Each of our IDC will be conducted by our Course Director Edward Chan and staffed by minimum of one Staff Instructor.  Unlike others, with this low Instructor Trainers / Instructor Candidates ratio (2:6), your education experience will be more personal, you can ask questions freely and get the personal attention you deserved. Besides you will also be able to interact with your fellow instructor candidates more freely to develop a life-long friendship experience.  We are proud to be committed 100% to your professional development during your PADI IDC. Our commitment is to make you the best that you can be during your PADI Instructor Development Course. 

Passing the Instructor Exam is our ultimate goal for the IDC however, we also keen on get you prepared for a career in the diving industry.  Besides MSDT preparation, we offer additional continue education program such as High Pressure Cylinder Visual Inspection Procedure and Divers Alert Network Education program in order to strengthen your foundation as a scuba instructor. Instructor Development Course is a serious program, yet we make it fun and memorable... Serious Fun is what we are offering. Our Course Director has been conducting this program since 2009 at multiple locations Worldwide and we have transformed hundreds of instructor candidates into successful scuba instructor in the field over the past decade. 

Preserving the ocean is one of the top agenda being a dive professional and education starts with us as dive leaders.  We emphasis on educating  new divers and experience divers alike to protect our ocean environment while diving and exploring the ocean.  Being a 100% AWARE Partner, we are working hard to achieve this goal.  For the good cause, we have included both AWARE Dive Against Debris and AWARE Shark Conservation specialty instructor ratings into our IDC program without extra cost to your IDC*

Our program is a lot more comprehensive than standard program offered by others. We offer extended training. You will also given opportunity to practise extra knowledge development presentations, confined water presentations and open water presentations as well as extra dive theory and standard exam exercises if needed.

Our basic principle is that we will match our efforts so that you get out of the IDC twice as much as you put in.

Before we move on, please click below and find out the prerequisite of joining oor IDC program.

In the year 2020, we will be offering 2 Instructor Development Courses:

Toronto IDC


PADI Instructor Development Course
Barrie Scuba House

Lembongan IDC


PADI Instructor Development Course
Lembongan Dive Center

* Other Additional Cost NOT included: PADI application fees paid directly to PADI


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