KISS Rebreather

We are proud to be the only Ontario dealer and Bonaire dealer of the KISS Rebreather.  Please drop us a line if you are interested learning to dive the KISS, or upgrading your current rebreather.

OMNI Swivel

Omni Swivel manufactures fitting for technical divers and rebreather divers alike.  If you need any product from Omni, please check with us.  If we don't have the part in stock, we will be able to custom order for you.

Analytical Industries Inc.

From oxygen sensors to Tri-mix Helium sensors and analyzer, AII has it all.  We can custom order what you need.

Dive Computers for demanding divers - We are proud to carry the Shearwater line dive computers.  We always have stock on the popular Perdix AI and the Teric Dive Computer.  Please let us know if you want to order one.


Kaya Breda 40B
Hato Bonaire
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